A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances – Kindle Epub PDF

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Practical finance tips from designers, developers, and FreeAgent


Unsure what your freelance rate should be? Fed up with chasing late-paying clients? Too scared to take a holiday? You need A Field Guide to Freelancer Finances!

Packed with tips, reports, real-life stories and much more, this ebook is all about how to take control of your business finances as a freelance web designer or developer. You’ll find out how to run your business with confidence and how others in the same industry navigate the tricky issues that all freelancers face.

Put together by cloud accounting software provider FreeAgent (www.freeagent.com), the guide covers how to deal with invoicing, accounting, pricing, and tax like a boss. You’ll hear from prominent freelance web professionals such as Anna Debenham and Paul Boag who have experienced it all firsthand, alongside getting invaluable financial, accounting, and business tips from FreeAgent’s chief accountant Emily Coltman.

Featuring articles such as ‘Creating a stormproof invoicing process’, ‘How I chase late payments’, and ‘Overcoming a fear of finances’, this ebook will give you all the practical info you need for navigating the freelance journey ahead!


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