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A salesman’s life in his own words. Whether handling gangsters with an eye on a cut of his business, bribing Russian cops with honey pot favors, lobbying Mexico’s President, or trading gunfire with the Russian mob, it has all been in a day’s work for the master salesman, Gayle Hickok.

His adventures in selling everything from cars to resorts worldwide have been varied and demanding, but certainly never dull. Why read a great salesman’s memoir if you don’t plan on becoming a salesman yourself? Because life is a series of sales. Housewives sell kids on taking out the trash, doctors sell patients on treatment, and even teachers sell students on learning. Sales play a part in everyday life. So why not learn from a pro?


The book you are about to read began a few years ago. One evening Gayle and Bill and some friends were enjoying a meal and a night out at a restaurant near La Paz on Mexico’s beautiful Baja peninsula.

Gayle asked Bill, “How would you like to collaborate on a book about my adventures, a book that would also include lessons from my experiences?” Bill replied, “Let’s do it, the idea’s a great one.” That’s how this book began. Bill’s interviews with Gayle form the book’s backbone.

It’s fleshed out here and there with other sources, but the judgments are always Gayle’s. We think we’ve achieved a nice balance between recounting Gayle’s amazing adventures and drawing sales and marketing methods from them. Each of us takes full responsibility for what we find here.

That doesn’t mean we could have done the book on our own. We had a lot of help from others and we want to thank them for it.


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