How to Easily Build and Develop a Successful Business Blog

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Gary Baker

I am degree educated with over 3 years hands-on experience of online marketing for local and international clients and colleagues which includes developing, analysing, optimising and managing; lead generation, targeted email and social media campaigns, landing pages and websites and articles and blog posts. I am a qualified Inbound Marketing Professional and Educator and certified by Google in Adwords specialising in content management systems, pay-per-click campaigns and Facebook applications. I have also published ebooks on Amazon, have experience of affiliate marketing and selling products and services B2B and B2C.


Book Description

I am convinced, given the wide range of potential benefits and the different ways in which offline or online businesses can use a blog, that this ebook will engage, educate and empower every small and medium business owner to get their blog up and running with 24hrs of reading this ebook. And to ensure that happens I have made it easy to read, understand and implement and have even included links where you get your blog built and hosted. I have built many blogs and delivered training for colleagues and clients so if you are still struggling to get started please don’t hesitate to contact me for advice or assistance HAPPY BLOGGING!!


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